Driven Piling

GDL Piling offers driven precast and steel tubular piles which are top driven using our Junttan PM20 hydraulic piling rigs.

Precast concrete piles are manufactured off-site, in various lengths and with different sectional areas to suit the specific requirements of each project. Pile sections can be jointed together during the pile driving process to facilitate deeper pile installations.

Steel tubular piles are made from redundant drilling pipe and casing, sourced from the oil and gas industry. As with precast piles, various diameters and lengths can be provided to suit the project requirements. Greater force can be used when driving this type of pile and it is less susceptible to breakage during installation.  Steel tubular piles are a good option when variable made ground soils and obstructions are anticipated.

On-site testing of driven piles is reduced when compared with that of cast in-situ piles as there are no concrete quality tests to perform and effectively the load capacity of every pile has been tested during the installation process.

Advantages of driven piling

  • Cost effective for lightly loaded structures and where the technique is suitable, driven piles are per metre our lowest cost option
  • Speed of execution
  • Less plant is needed because our driven piling crews typically only require the piling rig opposed to cast in-situ piles which require concrete pumps, attendant excavators, etc.
  • Driven piles are a displacement technique so there is no excavated material from the pile installation process
  • Driven piles require no curing time and can carry the required load immediately


Up to 15m in single pile sections without joints

Precast concrete

Steel tubulars