We are the specialist contractor providing the in-situ soil mixing operations for projects in Larkhall and Airdrie.  Both projects have used mass deep soil mixing and stabilisation as the ground improvement techniques to improve the characteristics of the weak soils, using cementitious binder grout.

These projects have also provided the debut for our new 50 ton mass deep soil mixing (DSM) and stabilisation rig, which we believe to be the largest in the UK.

What is mass deep soil mixing?

During mass mixing, the excavator arm raises, lowers and sweeps the horizontal axis mixing tool through the treatment zone, mixing the soil with the binder agent which is injected through an outlet near the mixing head.

What’s unique about this approach in Airdrie and Larkhall?

Pre-production laboratory testing to the on-soil samples collected from both sites allowed us to determine the exact binder requirements for the materials to be mixed to ensure the end product achieved the required strengths.

What are the benefits of mass deep soil mixing and stabilisation?

Mass deep soil mixing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the more traditional approach of excavation and replacement with imported materials.

In the case of the Airdrie and Larkhall projects, mass soil mixing has provided a significant reduction on the carbon footprint for both projects with a large reduction in transport movements on and off-site.

With our recent modifications to the mixing head and the grout pump, we have also seen the production output increase by 15% , compared to some of our previous projects. These modifications have been completed with the assistance and expertise from Soilmec UK.

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