Soil Stabilisation Equipment

GDL owns and operates one of the largest fleets of Soil Stabilisation Plant in the UK.

Our modern fleet is supplied directly from leading manufacturers such as Writgen Group.  Collaborating and sharing our experience with equipment manufacturers has results in refinements and specific adaptions to suit our requirements.

Included in our fleet;

  • Self Propelled Stabilisation Mixers (Writgen WR240i)
  • Tractor Drawn Stabilisation Mixers (Fendt/Writgen/FAE)
  • Self Propelled Binder Spreaders

Writgen WR240i Soil Stabiliser 

  • With a working width of 2.40 m and a maximum working depth of 510 mm, the recycler is highly flexible when it comes to operations in soil stabilising and cold recycling.
  • Thanks to its high performance levels in milling and mixing and its variable mixing chamber, consistent and homogeneous mixing results can be achieved.
  • When it comes to soil stabilising, the ideal performance range is between 4,000 and 8,000 square metres a day.
  • Self levelling
  • used for soil homogenization and stabilisation with lime and cements.
  • Different tool systems for varying soils

Streumaster Binding Agent Spreader SW15 MA

Our Binding agent spreaders are mounted on low pressure chassis are the ideal candidates for those projects in soil stabilization which require high-performance spreading of binding agents on a large scale. They offer high spreading capacity, ease of operation, tremendous robustness and low maintenance and servicing requirements.

The RotoPlus system, which is mounted as a standard, helps to distribute binding agents with an extremely high capability of flowing.

  • Container capacity: 15m³
  • Spreading quantity 5 – 35 l/m² at 2 km/h
  • Working width: 2.500 mm


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