GDPR policy

GDL are fully committed to ensuring all of our digital processes and handling of data are fully compliant with the incoming legislation that places more control in your hands as a citizen.

As this legislation aims to rid consumers of ‘nuisance’ marketing correspondence, GDL will cut through the clutter and ensure only the information that YOU are interested in and wish to receive will reach you through an explicit process of data accumulation and use. In order to receive correspondence from GDL, in the form of our newsletter, you will be required to give us consent to use your data to send you information you have expressed interest in. This differs from previous legislation whereby there was no requirement for organisations to garner explicit consent in order to use personal data.

GDL values your interest in our work and greatly appreciate you signing up to our newsletter, this being so we will only use your personal data to send you the newsletter, you will not be contacted for any other marketing purposes unless you specifically register interest.

Thank you

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