Solution Engineering

Customer Focused Approach

Building relationships through early engagement and partnering builds trust and allows time for a full optioneering process to select the most appropriate ground improvement techniques on a site by site basis. This in turn results in repeat business.  In the last year alone 70% of our business was for repeat clients.

Problem solving at an early stage assists with effectively managing health, safety, quality, cost and sustainability for each of our projects.

Added Value

Our in-house design allows us to provide a level of engineering input unrivalled by competitors and fully indemnified design solutions.

We have our own laboratory where we do our mix trials for projects to ensure that we select the best powder and mix for each soil type to generate the required results.

We own all of our own plant and equipment and we employ our own operators. This ensures quality and reliability.

All of the above gives us the confidence to undertake projects on an all risk basis and provides our clients with reliability and cost certainty.

We are financially stable, our plant is brought and paid for and we have a strong bank balance. Thus providing our clients with the confidence that we have the financial strength and resources to meet their requirements and to expand if required to accommodate additional capacity.

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