Soil Stabilisation For Ground Improvement

Soil stabilisation is the generic term we use for a number of chemical ground improvement techniques that involve the addition of proprietary dry binders, most commonly quicklime and various cements.

Other commonly used names to describe this group of soil stabilisation processes include Lime Stabilisation, Cement Stabilisation, Soil Improvement and Soil Modification.

What are the types of soil stabilisation?

Why is soil stabilisation important?

Soil Stabilisation is the treatment of soil with the addition of a binder (commonly Lime or Cement) to alter the physical properties of the soils so that it is fit for a specified purpose.

As engineers, at GDL we focus on the successful implementation of recognised engineering techniques that are used in accordance with the relevant published UK standards.

There are various applications where we have successfully implemented this group of techniques, with slight variation in method and binders, to achieve the specified outcomes for the wide range of industry sectors that we operate within.

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