Flood Defence

Protection of our coasts and river ways from flooding is an increasingly critical priority for governments, local authorities and the environmental agencies.

We have experience in the construction of levees and embankments, and notably we aim to use soil stabilisation and modification techniques to reduce the permeability of site-won fill materials which allows them to be incorporated into the flood protection works.

Our deep soil mixing techniques  can be used to construct low permeability soil mixing cut-off walls to limit ground water migration. And dependent on ground conditions, installations up to 20 metres in depth are possible. When combined with an above-ground levee or embankment we can offer a total flood defence system that is capable of addressing the issues that are associated with ground water migration and surface water flooding.

We also have experience of re-engineering contaminated soils for incorporation into flood defences. This approach allows us to reduce the number of vehicle movements that are associated with our operations which reduces the impact on the environment, and any neighbours when projects are located within sensitive or inner city locations as well as substantially reducing the overall project costs.

Case Studies

Port Salford, Manchester
Port Salford, Manchester
Cowdenbeath Wetlands, Barhale
The Braidburn Flood Prevention Scheme, Carillion
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