Infrastructure and Roads

We have considerable experience working as a specialist sub-contractor on large infrastructure projects such as highways and rail.

Our specialist ground improvement techniques are particularly suited to these applications. Deep Soil Mixing and Controlled Stiffness columns are a practical and effective solution to improve the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of formation soils underlying both new road and rail embankments. Our soil stabilisation techniques can also be used to modify site-won fill materials that allows them to be incorporated into new features such as embankments. In addition, our piling techniques can provide a suitable deep foundation solution for features such as bridge abutments, overhead gantries and signage. Our expertise is often sought early-on within large projects from our civil engineering contractor partners in order to create a bespoke and innovative approach that generally brings significant programme and cost benefits to the overall project.

Case Studies

Sewage Treatment Works, Black & Veatch
Car Park, Robertson Partnerships
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