Building Information Modelling

Our philosophy to embrace the latest technology demonstrates our commitment to our clients to achieve the best value engineered solution for their project which is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

Building information modelling offers us the opportunity to share data and ideas with our clients and project designers in a dynamic and visually powerful way. This allows us to quickly ascertain the scope of the project in relation to our areas of expertise which in turn helps to minimise project conflict and maximise co-ordination between the project partners.

3D modelling allows us to determine volumetric calculations for earthworks projects. It also enables us to consider the practical aspects of the works. The movement of plant and material around site is a major part of our work and BIM is a great way to visualise how we can make this process as efficient as possible for our clients.

We are maximising the latest BIM technology to make sure that we continue to evolve the service that we offer our clients as the industry makes a move to adopt BIM more widely in the future.

Our use of the latest 3D modelling software, data sharing platforms, integrated machine control and business information systems allows our teams to communicate clearly and effectively. This minimises delays and defects whilst maximising flexibility and ensures that we can produce the appropriate validation records.

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