Main Contractor
Miller Construction
Aberdeenshire Council
Building Type
Community campus
Procurement Route
Negotiated Tender
Contract Award
October 2013
Contract Completion
January 2014
Anticipated Duration
80 days
Key milestones
• Formation of building platform to facilitate the works
• Construction of a new fire water storage pond for the distillery
• Construction of temporary suds and surface water management system
• Phased handover of the building platform to other trades
Works Complete
• Earthworks
• Ground Improvement / Soil Stabilisation
• Rock excavation and processing
• Topsoil strip 30,000m3
• Cut to fill 75,000m3
• Rock excavation 20,000m3
• Modification of fill materials 18,000m3


Our earthworks and stabilisation expertise was commissioned by Miller Construction and Fairhurst in order to offer a comprehensive earthworks package to deliver a substantial cut and fill operation in order to achieve the required design levels for the development.

We had to give specific consideration to the required end-product specification for the structural platforms that were required underneath the buildings, and the suitability of the on-site won material that might be able to be used in order to achieve that required specification.

As part of our pre-tender commitment, we took the opportunity to excavate trial pits in order to confirm the shallow soil conditions and recover soil samples for testing. Using our 30 tonne excavator we were able to establish the digging properties of the rock deposits, and we also carried out relevant laboratory testing to prove the materials were suitable for soil stabilisation.

We discovered variable soil conditions across the site, and this allowed us to tailor our strategy to focus on re-using the site-won materials in the most appropriate way, which were also relevant to the specification required in each area of the site.

Our soil stabilisation technique was used to modify the marginal soils in order to take them to the required moisture content for re-use as structural fill below building platforms, and a stabilised capping layer was provided across the roads and hard standings in order to reduce the requirement for imported granular materials.

Our efficient and sustainable approach delivered our part of the overall programme on-time and on-budget for our clients.

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