Principal Contractor
Miller Homes Scotland
October 2016 – May 2017
Development Area
Topsoil Strip
• Topsoil Strip
• Stabilised Earthworks
• Construction of Suds Pond


The Broomhouse development is located on farmland in Baillieston, Glasgow.

We carried out a substantial topsoil strip to allow the cut and fill and stabilisation operations to proceed. Our GPS-guided excavators and dozers were used to achieve the required design levels for the development to allow for the construction of new two storey housing.

As part of the bulk earthworks operations, stabilisation techniques were employed to allow the re–use of site won soils to be maximised, and in turn the requirement to dispose of unsuitable excavated materials off-site and import replacement granular materials was mitigated.

We also completed the construction of the Suds Pond which will accommodate the Surface Water Drainage for the development. These works were completed by utilising site won material which was blended to meet the specification outlined by the project engineer.


  • The development is adjacent to the Calder Burn therefore a comprehensive Surface Water Management system was established prior to the earthworks operation commencing to ensure the burn was protected during the works. Cut-off ditches, carrier drains, bunds, silt fencing and a settlement pond were all incorporated.
  • The area of fill was located on the side of a sloping hill which required the placement of 5m of fill. With the potential of the fill material slipping, the site team benched each layer of fill into the existing formation to form a key between the materials.
  • As some of the fill material came from various pods within the development, several haul roads were constructed to allow the maximum efficiency to be achieved.
  • During April and May, a dust suppression programme had to be incorporated into the daily site operations to minimise airborne dust.
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