Main Contractor
Advance Construction Scotland
Barratt Homes East Scotland
Start Date
February 2017
12 weeks
Excavate / screening and processing 20,000m3
Modification and embankment fill 16,000m3
In – situ stabilisation for piling mats 6,000m2


We have been employed by Advance Construction Scotland to undertake the earthworks and specialist stabilisation works on the Burdiehouse site for Barratt Homes.

The specific works that we have undertaken are the construction of an engineered embankment to support the site spine road, installation of piling platforms and re-profiling the site to the required design levels.

To achieve the site cut/fill balance we are excavating and screening the made ground from the cut areas to separate the suitable material for stabilisation from the oversized, waste plastic, timber and metals.

The construction of the engineered embankment will require use of materials that are stabilised to a high-end performance specification which will be placed and benched into the existing ground profile. (see picture on right)


Duration: 10 weeks

Total Volume off material excavated and placed for fill: 25,000m<sup>3</sup>

Total volume off topsoil relocated: 9,500m<sup>3</sup>

Total volume off material screened for stabilisation: 12,000m<sup>3</sup>

Total volume off material stabilised: 20,000m<sup>3</sup>

Volume off imported aggregate to cap piling platforms: 840m<sup>3</sup>

The Project Team consisted of 7 staff – Site manager, Stabilisation Foreman, 2 No Excavator Operators, 2 No ADT operators, Stabilisation Operative. Material movement was on average 100 loads per day using 22t articulated dump trucks. Stabilisation output for this project was an average of 450m<sup>3</sup>/day.

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