Main Contractor
Robertson Construction
Edrington Group (The Macallan)
Building Type
Distillery and Visitor Centre
Procurement Route
Competitive Tender
Contract Award
November 2014
Contract Completion
May 2015
Anticipated Duration
170 Days, completion later due to additional works
Key milestones
• Formation of new visitor car park and access road to facilitate the works
• Construction of a new fire water storage pond for the distillery
• Construction of temporary suds and surface water management system
• Phased handover of the building platform to other trades
Works Complete
Earthworks, Ground Improvement / Soil Stabilisation and
On-Site Material reprocessing
Top Soil Strip – 37,000m3
Cut Materials – 165,000m3
Fill Materials – 165,000m3
Stabilisation – 60,000m3


We were appointed by Robertson Construction to undertake the enabling package of works for the construction of the new prestigious Macallan Distillery and Visitor Centre.

Working as part of the design team for the bid process we compiled detailed Building Information Models to plan and phase the enabling works, and the earthworks to allow the works to continue through the winter in the Scottish Highlands. This included utilising our soil stabilisation techniques to install and maintain haul roads to allow the bulk earthworks to continue when a traditional earthworks project would be required to stop.

The project had to be programmed in a manner that allowed a phased handover to the follow-on civils contractor to meet the overall programme milestones. This was achieved through the BIM process, and our material/soil management on-site to ensure the correct volumes of material were available at the correct stages of the programme.


We provided a BIM presentation to the clients’ teams as part of their design team tender to aid the main contractor in winning the contract.

We also produced a methodology plan for the project which decribed the works which we would undertake as part of our scope, the method in which the works would be completed and also the specification that would be achieved.

We also identified the testing which would be undertaken to prove the works. This pack was issued to the client and their engineer for approval pre-contract.


The contract was to be completed through the winter months, this meant GDL had to plan and implement surface water management systems for keep the site clear. This included a detailed water management plan at tender stage, and we developed a strategy with the main contractor to present to SEPA, because this aspect of the programme was particularly sensitive due the water being discharged into the famous River Spey.

The existing Visitor Centre remained open throughout the works, and as such we had to manage the interaction of heavy plant and members of the public. This was achieved by planning traffic management systems with the client and contractor which included the installation of a new visitor car park in order to keep site and public traffic segregated.

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