As part of our commitment to encouraging graduates into the construction industry, we are pleased to welcome Euan Colston as our new Commercial Graduate.

Euan who studied Finance and Economics at University of Strathclyde has recently graduated with his honours degree. During his time at university, his studies have provided a good understanding of different markets and industry in general. After impressing during a period of work experience with GDL a role was created for Euan within the Commercial Department.

Ryan Johnston, Commercial Director at GDL adds “We are very pleased to have Euan join us, we feel that he is a good fit and addition to our team. With a skills shortage within the industry, it is important to bring on young professionals. His willingness to apply his academic skills whilst learning new skills and gaining practical experience in our working environment is really good to see”.

Euan adds “I am really excited to join the team at GDL and to use some of the knowledge gained at university in my role whilst learning more about the business, the construction industry generally and gaining new commercial skills. Having worked as a construction labourer last summer, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of working within construction as opposed to some of the more traditional finance routes”.

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