New contract for Soil Stabilisation in Dunfermline

Location:  Masterton, Dunfermline, Fife

Client:  Taylor Wimpey East Scotland  (Sites R4 and R2)

Duration:  Work started 3 November, 2014 for 8 weeks

Quantities:  R2 site requires circa 20,000m3 of upfill (40,000tons)

Project description:

Our principle scope of works is an enabling earthworks contract to raise the R2 site to design levels.  The R2 site requires circa 20,000m3 of upfill (40,000tons), and we are using our soil stabilisation process to enable the use of surplus excavated subsoil from R4 to be incorporated into the works.  The soils will be processed at the R4 site and transported using road trucks to the R2 site which is approximately 0.5 mile away. The reprocessing of the unsuitable site-won soils at R2 avoids the need for the disposal of 40,000 tons of soil to landfill, and the requirement to import the equivalent replacement volume of quarried granular material to upfill R2. We successfully adopted a similar approach for Taylor Wimpey at the Winchburgh site which was completed earlier this year.

We have secured approval from SEPA for the transfer of the soils between sites, and we are required to provide a full structural earthworks platform for the construction of the new housing. This will be tested to validate that the platform meets NHBC requirements for structural upfill.  The resulting earthworks platform will enable the use of minimum depth foundations and ground bearing floor slabs for the proposed housing which removes any abnormal development cost that is normally associated with this type of project.

During the course of our works we use our expertise to undertake associated civils works, including the diversion of an existing surface water drain.  When completed, the R2 site will deliver 41 two storey houses and two blocks of flats which will include an element of affordable housing.

We have a long working relationship with Taylor Wimpey, and their continued contract awards are testament to the quality of our earthworks and soil stabilisation techniques.  They have full confidence in our ability to achieve NHBC validation for our techniques.

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