Our DSM Turbojet is up and running!

Our Turbojet DSM is already hard at work on a key construction project in the UK, and it’s been an exciting time as we’ve progressed through the set-up process on a live project in order to get this new equipment up and running for our client as Wayne Barr, projects director explains:  “Being part of the set-up team for the introduction of our Turbojet DSM to a project in Widnes has offered us an exciting mix of challenges as we introduce this system for the first time in the UK. 

“We’ve worked hard with our main contractor, MCCJV, to make sure that our careful planning for each day’s work for the rig and ground staff is efficiently delivering what we need to achieve to fulfil our part of this multi-million pound development.  

“Our works on the deep soil mixing columns is advancing well, and we’re delighted with the efficiencies and performance that our Turbojet DSM will offer, not just on this project, but in many others across the UK too.”

Deep Soil Mixing UK GDL Turboojet


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