Phase one earthworks at Royal Edinburgh Hospital completed

As part of the new £48-million NHS Lothian health facility that will be delivered in Morningside in Edinburgh we have played a key role alongside Morrison Construction to complete an advanced enabling works package. Our critical phase of the project has been completed on-time and on-budget, allowing the next phase of construction of the new facility to begin. This incredible building will provide acute psychiatric and mental health services, including treatment for learning disabilities and dementia.

Our works included

  • site clearance and the removal of fly-tipping and organic materials
  • formation of temporary access roads, car parking and footpaths for the works
  • bulk earthworks to form a development platform
  • soil stabilisation of site won materials
  • the disposal of surplus excavated topsoil
  • on–site crushing of rock and boulders

Kevin Mackenzie, Commercial Director said: “As the site-won soils were unsuitable for re-use in their natural state, we used our proven soil stabilisation techniques to re-engineer them to minimise

the need for imported granular material, or for the off–site disposal of unsuitable soils. We’re delighted this technique has allowed us to create a structural earthworks platform that exceeds the specified performance criteria.”

The plan for the earthwork operations for new development will be completed in two phases, and reflects the complex site conditions which see it partially occupied by a bowling green and allotments.  Phase two works are planned for early 2015.

We are delighted to have formed such a good working relationship with the team at Morrison Construction which has enabled the major re-development of the hospital site to get off to the very best start.

“Using GDL’s soil stabilisation approach to process the site-won soils has allowed us to avoid the need to dispose of 30,000 tons of unsuitable material off–site, as well as the importation of a similar replacement volume.

“This has offered significant cost savings to the project, as well as massive environmental benefits including the reduction of vehicle movements to/from the site by an incredible 3,200.

“Equally, this is a busy and complex city centre site in Edinburgh that sits adjacent to an operational hospital, and a neighbouring school so GDL’s innovative approach has played a key part in our strategy to minimise the impact of the development to our neighbours.”

Earthworks Edinburgh


Earthworks Royal Edinburgh Hospital

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