Wayne gets his wings

We are always looking for new challenges and ways to develop the business.  Our projects director Wayne Barr has taken this to another level by securing his ‘wings’ as a qualified photography drone pilot.

Our new drone photography capability will allow us to produce high-quality aerial images of our projects.  It will also allow our team to get a bird’s eye view of large-scale projects as they evolve, while also gaining a unique perspective of prospective projects before work even gets underway.

Wayne’s new skills will give GDL the edge ahead of its competitors whilst also tapping into a real passion that he’s developed over the last few months.  Wayne adds: “I’ve always enjoyed photography but using the drone has taken my interest in this area to a new level.

“I’m now able to get a different perspective on everything that we work on and it’s great to be able to explore ways in which drone photography can add to our approach to benefit clients.”

“As part of our analysis and preparation on our client’s projects, we’ve always taken regular photography to be able to showcase the before/and after of a project, as well as our progress right through to completion.

“Being able to fly a drone over our projects gives us a completely different perspective that we can use to gather information about our projects.  It’s also helping us to ensure that we’re employing the correct approach for our clients.

“We’re also finding that it’s a great way to show our clients the progress that we’re making, and the positive impact that our work is having too.”

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