We continue our support for Indian Children’s Charity Mango Tree Goa

We’ve continued with our support of the Indian Children’s Charity Mango Tree Goa by donating three laptop computers following a visit to the project at Christmas time by our site manager Eddie Carver and his wife Yvonne.

Last year we donated £1,000 to support the Indian children’s charity Mango Tree Goa and our donation was used to make a contribution to the running costs of their Mango House project.

The charity undertakes amazing work every day in Goa to provide educational support to Indian children aged from three to 16, and following a visit to the project by our site manager Eddie Carver and his wife Yvonne at Christmas time last year we were delighted to further our support by providing three laptop computers that will be used to assist the children with their learning.

Eddie Carver is one of our site managers, and he has been a champion of the charity for a few years: “My wife and I try to undertake charity work wherever we go on holiday, and we’ve helped a variety of different projects in places like Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. We heard about Mango Tree Goa through friends who had visited the charity’s Mango House project whilst they were on holiday in Goa a few years ago.

“When they told us about the daily challenges facing disadvantaged children in Goa, and how they have little or no access to education and the amazing support The Mango House project provides every single day, my wife Yvonne and I felt compelled to get involved and we have been visiting the charity now for a few years.

“We continue to fundraise in our home town of Dunbar in East Lothian to raise the vital funds the Mango House project needs to provide teachers, educational supplies as well as a nutritious meal for the 175 children that benefit from the project every day.

“But it’s fantastic that GDL has continued its support of the charity by donating three lap-top computers. Their generous offer of £1,000 to support this project last year and their ongoing support will continue to make a great difference to the charity.”

Jane Grimshaw is one of three trustees of Mango Tree Goa: “The continued support from Ground Developments Ltd as well as Eddie and Yvonne is overwhelming. Their donations will make such a difference to the children that we aim to help in Goa.

“Unfortunately, there is little or no access to education for disadvantaged children from the slums of Goa. So we promote the benefits of having an education, and we provide the support and preparation that children from pre-nursery to age six need before they can be enrolled in school, as well as extra tuition and a healthy meal.

“Once the children learn the life skills to be able to cope in an educational environment, we enrol them with a local school, and our commitment continues through the provision of school uniform, school bags, extra tuition as well as a healthy meal.”

Lisa Nicholas, Ground Developments adds: “Mango Tree Goa makes a real difference to over 175 children, and we know that our donation of three laptops will be put to great use to provide a better start in their lives. We’re really proud to be able to support our site manager Eddie and his wife Yvonne in their efforts to highlight and get involved in the work of this amazing charity.”

For more details about Mango Tree Goa and their incredible work visit www.mangotreegoa.org.


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